Customized Products for Grand Valley and NE Ohio

We can also do customized products for the Grand Valley School District and others in NE Ohio. This includes team or group shirts and products, club shirts, individualized items and more. While most of this store uses POD technology for fulfillment, customized shirts, hoodies, mugs, water bottles, etc can be done using heat transfer vinyl, regular vinyl, and even laser etching.

The products are produced by me, so they may take a little longer, but we can do special items like glitter vinyl.

We can also set up a website to handle group ordering so that everyone of the group can specify exactly their size and number of items they want and pay for them individually. Those items will be printed together at the end of the campaign and shipped to the individual orders, or to a central person who can distribute them to the group.

Finally we can also handle fundraisers for groups looking to sell items to raise money. We offer bulk pricing to maximize the funds raised.

All of this is custom work and takes some time, but contact me and we can make it happen for you.